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The Secret Purposes of Life

* The 5 Things You Must Absolutely 
               Accept About Yourself

* The 5 Things You Must Know

* The 5 Things You Must Overcome 

          This is story of Sheila Sharp, a surviving member of the Sharp family who were brutally murdered along with Dana Wingate in their home in Keddie California in 1981. Her story begins with suffering at the hands of a pedophilic father, a childhood pregnancy, the discovery of her slaughtered family and the mysterious aftermath of these events.        
      Sheila explains a journey that took her from the unbearable task of surviving to the unprecedented levels of personal and spiritual growth that she now enjoys.

        Sheila offers brilliant insight in solving the biggest problems that Human Beings face, and includes step by step concepts that readers can use giving them the ability to overcome adversity and flourish within the possibilities of their own lives.